• Amend

    I've been designing in the Call of Duty community for the past 4 years. I've been involved with eSports vaguely the past 2 years. I strive to produce the best content I possibily can and continue to expand my horizons. If you're ever interested in purchasing graphics from me, just tweet at me on Twitter @Uhmend, or email me ""...Read More

  • Oreo_Designs

    I do design,  I don't know what to put here Its snowing on mt.fuji...Read More

  • Reece

    I'm a Creative Director from Birmingham, England. I started designing 4 years ago and it quickly became a hobby. I know do Advertisements, Social Media Designs, Logo Designs, and UI/UX Development. I've been apart of the SK org for around 4 months months now and couldn't be happier.   To check out my designs visit my website, and to purchase any designs just drop me an email at More