Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Our roster consists of: Welly, Picky, JonahP, Kwong, and Moose.


The SpawnKilled CS team has been competing for several seasons gaining a lot of momentum since conception. We have played teams all across the world including popular ones such as Team Liquid, Winterfox, WinOut, SK Gaming, Team Kaliber, and many more. Here is our track record:

ESEA-O S19: 12-4 / 0-1 (playoffs)

ESEA-O S20: 13-3/ 1-1 (playoffs)

ESEA-IM S21: 9-7

ESEA-IM S22: 14-2 / 4-1 (playoffs)

ESEA-Main S23: 4-3 (currently playing)

CEVO-M S9: 9-7

CEVO-M S10: 11-5 / 0-1 (playoffs)

RGN Freedom Cup: 7th Place (2-2)

FaceIt Road to Las Vegas Qualifier: 9th Place (3-1)

MLG Regional Minor Qualifier: 6-1 Preliminary / 0-2 Championship

CyberPowerPC Summer 2016 Qualifier: 4-0 Preliminary / 2-1 Championship